Why is customer relationship management critical for growth of your business?

Microsoft dynamics CRM partners UK is experiencing a rapid popularity and adoption across enterprises, thanks to its powerful features. The telecommunication sector is vast and in need of a quality CRM solution. We look at some of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or the telecommunication sector

Boost Productivity  Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives a solution that can be rapidly implemented to better manage complex sales channels in the UK, power value-added sales activities, speed new products to market, and prioritize high-value accounts for maximum profitability, with an integrated customer relationship management platform.

High ROI  Dynamics CRM solution for the telecommunications industry marries customer service, sales, and marketing solutions across multiple channels for enhanced operational efficiencies, business intelligence, satisfaction, and return on investment.

Superior Business Interactions  Managing all the interactions with a customer empowers operators to set standard process flows and procedures for dealing with them in different situations and for different services. By recording all interactions, a history is maintained that permits CSRs to deliver a consistent customer experience. A broad set of business interactions is provided out-of-the-box with tools for effective custom creation and adaptation of business interactions.

Convenient Customer Interaction  Microsoft dynamics CRM partners UK also provides improved functionality and superior integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP and email capabilities. Sales forecasting, lead generation and general reporting have been much improved. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners UK in place, reports are much easier to complete and customized as per needs, leading to expanded participation by the sales team and more precise reports.

Transform Into a Customer-Centric Business  Effective business support systems link sales, marketing and customer services across all telecom relationships. This comprises partners, distributors, retailers, service providers, along with direct and indirect sales channels. Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers businesses in the telecommunications market to manage these diverse processes and build a customer-centric enterprise.

Add a New Dimension to Customer Service  Company staffs harness a familiar, user-friendly GUI with enhanced capabilities that support the specific business processes of the telecom industry. Staff can view the products, offers and services available to sell to the customer, with the facility to bundle offers, manage discounts and promotions, and define basic eligibility guidelines and offer approval workflows. Staffs get a 360-degree view of the customer on an information-rich screen, with one-click access to exhaustive data and the most commonly used business processes, leveraging existing features including advanced telecom specific search options for MSISDN, account, invoice, and more.

Leverage Historical Data to Significantly Raise Performance Levels  Provide customer service agents with rich and holistic data about each customer in order to deliver quick, precise, and personalized service to delight clients and help garner loyalty. Provide a comprehensive history of each of them right from initial contact through all subsequent interactions to deliver more consistent service levels. Pinpoint, diagnose, and resolve customer issues with intuitive case-tracking capabilities and real-time communication and collaboration systems. Maximize call centre efficiency with automated processes, streamlined escalations, and flexible service scheduling software. Significantly boost customer renewals and subscription rates by real-time insight and intelligent call scripting capabilities. Finally, expand customer support representative’s skills using a centralized knowledge repository and shared best practices.