The Advantages Of Using Recruitment Consultancy Services

Recruiting new employees is one of the biggest challenges a business owner has to face. When you are overwhelmed by the huge number of applications and resumes, it’s hard to make accurate assessments of all applicants. You may overlook some awesome candidates, and you may as well pick some that aren’t suitable for your openings. Besides, interviewing these candidates is yet another challenge, as it’s almost impossible to figure out too many details during the 15 or 30 minutes of your interviews.

By using recruitment consultancy services, you can make this selection and screening process a lot more efficient. Expert recruiters know what kind of questions determine the candidates to reveal important details about their personality and about their work style. This makes them way more efficient than the average business owner or manager trying to figure out how suitable a certain individual would be for a specific job opening. As a matter of fact, it appears that job-specific skills matter less than psychological traits and the ability to resonate with the team. This is why many HR professionals are psychology graduates. They can help employers select the right people for any job, without having to know too many things about their industry or area of activity. The ability to integrate into a team is more important than experience and intelligence. This is why many experienced professionals face rejections when they apply for certain jobs. Once they get rejected, they try hard to find out the real reasons why their experience hasn’t brought them success. This thinking is wrong, because the real reason is actually their lack of compatibility with the employer, with their values and their mission.

Recruitment Consultancy

Business owners who ignore all the above will usually fall into the trap of choosing only candidates with a wealth of experience, thinking they are going to have an easier time at teaching them their job duties. While this is correct, most of the time, the result is that the new employee leaves the company within the first year, making the recruiting process highly ineffective. The employer has to invest time and money again into recruiting new people for that position. This is what good recruitment consultancy services can help you avoid. They can show you how to conduct your job interviews, how to set your goals, and what kind of questions to ask, in order to make the candidates reveal their true personality. It’s a well-know fact that most people applying for jobs are trying hard to compose an image of themselves that shows how skilled and how qualified they are. This is natural, as their biggest goal is to get the job. They tend to think less about the fact that they may be miserable if they needed to cooperate with individuals with different views and beliefs or with different working styles. This is why, even when they manage to get the job, they soon become unhappy, so they start scouting the job market again, searching for new opportunities. It is up to you, the employer, to do everything it takes for finding the right person to fill your opening. Consultants can save you a huge amount of time, so consider this before your next recruitment round.