The Advantages Of Using Medical Courier Services

If you are a doctor or own a medical clinic or medical spa, you have a seemingly unending list of responsibilities. From marketing to maintaining supplies, you have a lot more things to do then spend your time shipping packages from the post office, or waiting for supplies to arrive at your door. It does not matter whether you need to have important documents transported or send fragile packages somewhere. Medical courier services can offer many benefits over using the post office or other shipping methods.

medical courier services


There are certain times during your work week when you simply do not have time to go to the post office or wait for a delivery to arrive at your office. Although many delivery services like UPS offer expedited or priority shipping, medical courier services can offer you same day delivery service. Same day delivery can be especially important if you are setting up your clinic or office, trying to send important documents or important lab tests.

Courier services are also known as ‘on demand’ services. This means that is package that is marked ‘urgent’ can be delivered across town in less than an hour. Speed of delivery is essential in the medical/health care industry.

Instead of waiting days to send an important shipment, you can simply let the courier service know when you would like for the recipient to receive your shipment. With traditional services, you are never sure where your package is, but with a reputable courier service, you will know your package is on its way to its destination.

Cost Effective

If you need shipping materials or need to ship something quickly or of a sensitive nature, many traditional methods of shipping will require additional fees for faster shipping. You may also have to insure the package.

However, when you enlist the services of a medical courier, you can avoid regulations and fees regarding your packages. The majority of courier services use flat rates based on per-mile or per-package. As a result, the prices that are passed on to their customers remain low.


Unlike services like FedEx and UPS, a local courier service typically has a smaller customer base. They serve the needs of medical labs and physician offices, and they serve their customers regularly. This results in delivery services that are more personal.

On the other hand, larger delivery corporations do not have connections to their customers. Local courier services handle your package from the time the driver receives it until the package is delivered. This means that the courier service will hold accountability to ensure your packages are delivered on time and undamaged. You can rest easy knowing that your package will be delivered safely.

As a medical office owner, clinic owner or physician, you need to have a dependable way to transport packages. Medical courier services will transport these packages with care. This means that you can spend less time standing in line and wasting money, you can focus on other areas of your business.