How To Select The Best Playground Surfaces For Children?

One of the most amazing things to witness is children at play. They innocently jump, shout, run and crawl around each other. It is common for children to become so engrossed in their playtime that they forget about the world that lies right outside of their play area. This certainly shows the magnetic effects the right type of playground surfaces and other playground equipment can have on children.

Playground Surfaces

Check Safety Features
Every manufacturer of playground equipment and surfaces understand the importance of maintaining the safety of children. Before you even begin to consider the different types of playground equipment that your child is playing on, you need to consider the playground surfaces as well. What is your child stepping on before he/she begins to play?

This is one reason why it is so important to inspect the surface before allowing your child to enter the play area. The pros and cons of the different surfaces is not something that can be determined on site at first glance. Parents and caregivers need to be educated by studying the manuals and the manufacturer’s website. These will provide adults with the information they need in order to determine if the surface is safe for play.

Test The Surface
Any surface that is in question should be tested and demonstrations need to be conducted to measure quality. These actions will reduce the level of risk some parents and caregivers may feel towards a specific surface for the playground.

The surfaces need to provide enough cushion so that even if a child falls, he/she is not injured due to the fall. It is difficult to prevent a child from having an accident, no matter how hard we may try. However, it would be comforting for parents to know that the surface their child is playing offers a layer of protection.

The Changing Of Seasons
As the seasons change, it is important that playground operators and manufacturers keep an eye on the weather. They also need to pay attention to how weather may effect the surface of the playground. Although the types of equipment may change on the playground, the surface that is used should always be durable and reliable.

Most experts recommend that surfaces for the playground are chosen based on the climate in the area as well as the types of equipment installed on the playground.

Unfortunately, there are times when a surface is installed based solely on the price or for a discount. It may come a time when the manufacturer and the playground operator receives a bad review or even face legal action if a child is injured on a playground with the wrong type of surface.

To eliminate any risks associated with playground surfaces, the required needs should be delivered in order to guarantee a joyful playing experience for children. In many locations, an EPDM rubber is used underneath surfaces to absorb shock, and synthetic turfs are very hygienic. Detailed research beforehand will provide solutions for choosing the best surface for a play area.